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We are back

Hello everyone,

After a short break for some of us, the shop is now working just like before: new products added, shipping delays back to normal.

Thanks to all of you who placed an order between May and June and waited a little bit longer than usual to receive their orders.

Also, you shall find some new products categories corresponding to other licences such as Anicute (Rascal the Racoon), Amuse (Coroham Coron) and GameFreaks (Pokémon).
You told us your wish to know new licences while enjoying a service of quality: to this day, you have never been disappointed by Japanese products about Yo-kai Watch, you won’t be disappointed by Japanese products from other licences.

We are also glad to announce we are working on the movie Yo-kai Watch 4: Shadow Side as a new project.
As usual, this is thanks to you if we can work on it earlier, the more you are to support us, the more projects we can work on and so on.

Thank you very much for your support and see you soon !

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But what exactly happened to the shop ?

You might have noticed it, we had to start everything to 0 for a few times in December right in time for the holidays.

A crazy story

We first started to add three languages: Italian, German and Spanish. There are more than 2200 products to translate so it was impossible to do so manually.

We exported the products, adapted them and imported everything back. Then, we updated some parts of the site which led to trouble.

We took the decision to delete the shop to upgrade it, add more details and all. We imported all users data and products back.

On December 18th, everything was working fine.

On December 19th, we hear that registering to the site is impossible, looking at the database, everything is corrupted for an unknown reason. We try to fix it, there was nothing we could do.

On December 20th, we started everything all over again.

We imported products and all went fine, however, the official importation feature refused to link a product to a category. We had to use another importation feature to do it. Then, there was a visibility problem which could have been fixed.

To conclude, mixing data from old and new database wasn’t the right thing to do, obviously. It led to the temporary shut down of the shop.

If you had an account before, please register again, all your data has been lost.

We deeply apologize for what happened to all our supporters, we learned many things and this won’t happen again.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best !

Yo-kai Watch World Team.

*The picture illustrates the hell we’ve been through.