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Shop re-opened until June 2020

Hello everyone,

we would like to let you know about an excellent news: we can now ship all orders under 48h thus we have officially reopened the shop until June 2020.

Every orders placed before December 1st will arrive before Xmas. After that we cannot 100% guarantee it.

Also, if you are looking for products for Xmas which are not available on the shop, please contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your support.

The Yokai Watch World Team.

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Plushes 15% off

Following the definitive closing of the shop for a whole year at the very least, starting on September 2019, we are destocking ALL plushes on the site with 15% off on your order.

We are counting on you to support us enough so we can achieve new projects through out the year 2019-2020, such as:
Adding data about Yo-kai Watch 4.
Adding data about The Snack World.
5th movie translation.
Yo-kai Ark Database.

We do not plan to be there for Xmas or any kind of celebrations, it is now or never to order online.

Thank you for your kind support and see you soon !

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Dynamic Discount for medals & Yokai Arks

You are more and more each days to collect Japanese Yo-kai medals & Arks, we decided to set a dynamic discount up for all collectors:

Get -10% on your order when 20 medals are purchased.
Get -15% on your order when 50 medals are purchased.
Get -30% on your order when 100 medals are purchased.
Get -50% on your order when 200 medals are purchased.

This way, starting the collection of a new serie will be easier for you.

Thank you very much.